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Shadowfist is a trading card game (similar to Magic: the Gathering) that has a Hong Kong action-movie genre. Players battle for control of the world's Feng Shui sites: if you can control a number of them, you can reshape the past, present and future to your bidding! Currently, seven different factions struggle for control of the sites; sometimes they work together, but most of the time, they undermine each other for their own personal goals. First published in 1994 by Daedalus Entertainment, they went bankrupt in 1997 and has been in limbo for a few years. A small fan-run company, Loch Ness Games picked up the rights and will be released with help from Z-Man Games. Shadowfist Trading Card Games Games.

Shadowfist was created by Robin Laws and Jose Garcia. It was released in 1995 as a collectible card game (CCG), but was shifted to a fixed distribution of cards as of 2013. (wikipedia)