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b>Dino Stalker is a shooter game for the Sony PlayStation 2 released in 2002. It is produced by Capcom. World War II. Fighter down. Pilot Lt. Mike Wired's plane takes heavy damage during a dogfight over the Atlantic. Forced to eject...he's suddenly enveloped in a blinding flash of white light and being guided towards an ominous jungle below. Everything around him has changed. The distant moan of strange beasts. An unfamiliar weapon appears in his hand. A thundering roar and crashing trees give way to an impossible sight...beasts from another time. What’s happening?... this can’t be good. Dino Stalker D Shooter Video Games Games.

Dino Stalker is the third entry in the Capcom's Gun Survivor series after Resident Evil Survivor 2 Code: Veronica . (wikipedia)